Welcome to CipherBit.

We believe good software changes the World for good and for the better.

We are experts in mobile development and can bring your application ideas to life.

Step 1.

Ideation & Creation

Our steps start with ideation & discovery phase. This is where we talk about your idea, understand what your end goal is and discuss further details about your project.

Step 2.

Research & Discovery - Infrastructure

We discuss what is needed to bring your project into life. We test out some things and build a prototype or a proof of concept (POC)

Step 3.

Design & Development - UX (User Experience)

Once we know what you're looking for, we get to work and start coding, building, deploying & iterating until we're happy with the results.

Step 4.

Post Launch Support

This is where we make updates and tweak things after your product is alive. We collect feedback from your users, run analytics and make things better! Software is our job and we like to build products we are proud of.