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We believe good software changes the World for good and for the better.

Please take a look at our projects below.

Scotiabank Mobile app

Scotiabank app needed an update. The existing app was working but it was very outdated. We came for help. Rebuilt the app from scratch and users were very happy with the outcome. This app is a solution to all your banking needs. It's easy to use and it is 99% crash free. Fully supports accessibility for vision or motor impaired users and has over 2,000,000 users, proudly available for free on the Appstore.
Scotiabank app on the AppStore

Craps Dice Tracker Pro

Our client needed an app for helping Craps players track their dice throws. Get some statistical data and monetize a little bit in the process via in-app purchases. We created Dice Tracker Pro which is available on the Apple AppStore. This brand new app is built using SwiftUI and features a unique, cool, custom built design.
DiceTrackerPro app on the AppStore

SongFlow Mobile app

SongFlow is an app for audio creators. With SongFlow, musicians can type their thoughts and continue to record their songs.
SongFlow app on the AppStore

YES Networks iOS App & AppleTV App

YES Networks needed a brand new app for their fans. Yankees, Nets, NYCFC had all the sports you need and want to watch at the comfort of your mobile devices or AppleTV.
YES Network on the AppStore
YES Network on the Web

Emoji Memory game on the AppStore

This is a simple memory improving game that we designed for some fun. It is built using only Apple's new framework SwiftUI.
Get Emoji Memory here